Glide through the City


Benidorm is a beautiful seaside resort located on the eastern coast of the Spanish Riviera, between the major cities of Valencia and Alicante. It is one of the most famous Mediterranean resorts in Spain. The city is full of tall skyscraper buildings. The highest building is of 50 floors. That is why the city often is called “Spanish Manhattan” or “Beniyork”.

The beach of Benidorm is separated from the old town on 2 parts – east beach called Levante and west beach called Poniente. Each of them is more than 3 km long and wide enough to accommodate all visitors. The air temperature rarely falls below 18 degrees, so that is why the resort is visited almost all year round. Here is one of the largest amusement parks on the southern Spanish Mediterranean “Terra Mitica”. From 60 years, every summer in Benidorm is organized an international music festival, from which has risen many world famous stars.

The city is also famous for its nightlife, which continues until early morning. The central streets are filled with nightclubs, bars and cabaret venues that attract with low prices, but with rich programs. People walk and entertain until the morning. Despite the stormy nightlife, the city is quite calm and without crime, thanks to the peaceful and polite police that constantly patrols and monitors the peace of mind of the tourists.

Benidorm at Night